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Incorporated and based in Singapore, Asia Capital Group Holdings is one of Singapore’s most dynamic private equity and consultancy companies. Featuring an experienced team with decades of experience building and transforming businesses over the world, Loyal Strength was honored to be able to provide customized software and hardware for the team to assist their clientele across Asia.



MOGASU is an offshore IT and server provider focused on cloud based hosting and private server hosting needs around the world. Loyal Strength was able to assist MOGASU in setting up a network to quickly manage requests from clients efficiently while protecting the entire network from hostile access and preventing latency issues and down time.



Bellysmith Bistro is an up-and-coming food and beverage franchise serving fusion Isakaya cuisine to walk-ins with sales channels online at various social media apps. Loyal Strength built a custom inventory and order system to allow the team to manage their kitchen and delivery teams efficiently. This allows the team to focus on great cuisine, backed with an inhouse system that consolidates data across multiple apps.

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HPS Consulting provides analysis, solutions and general marketing expertise for companies to sell their products. They do this by analyzing the brand and see how it performs against competitors. Also known as brand strategists, they can transform small companies into a powerhouse through market analysis, content marketing, website audit, keyword research and video services.

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